Raising Butterflies

Jamie Libstaff and her daughter Grace gave names to all 165 monarch butterflies they raised and released last summer and fallin their Clinton Township garden.

Friendships are a Choice

Friends offer a unique relationship opportunity, as they are formed with individuals with whom we choose to engage.

A 2020 Residential Real Estate Forecast

Whether it’s a social setting, or on a scheduled real estate appointment, I am always asked the same couple of questions…

Pairing Wine With Food

Perhaps it’s because the average American did not grow up with wine that many find wine intimidating.

Mother to Nearly 400

It’s difficult to talk to Marsha Green about the 400 children she and her husband Corky have fostered over the years without someone in the room tearing up.

Visit Shelby Township

On first blush, Shelby Township may seem like just any other suburb in a major metropolitan area.

A 2020 Real Estate Forecast

Whether it’s a social setting, or on a scheduled real estate appointment, I am always asked the same couple of questions

Raising Butterflies

Jamie Libstaff and her daughter Grace gave names to all 165 monarch butterflies they raised and released last summer and fallin their Clinton Township garden.

New Year Goals

The end of the year is often a time of reflection, providing us the opportunity to review progress toward our goals.

Making Your Home Cozy

There is no better feeling than waking up on a brisk winter day, getting out of bed to feel warm cozy carpet under your feet, fresh new window treatments…

Young Ambassador Drives the Mission for MDA

Some kids are dealt a terrible disease and their misfortune turns into a mission to help themselves and those around them.

Shooting Stars

Macomb Intermediate School District offers individual learning programs for special needs students.

Good Pickin's

Crisp cool weekends are sure to be filled with good clean fun here in Macomb, especially since we have an abundance of places to go enjoy the best fall activities.

Are Your Ducks in a Row?

Some topics are naturally more difficult to discuss than others: planning for the future, end-of-life care, why the Lions still have fans, the list goes on.

From Farm to Senior Table

Five chefs from local senior communities share their favorite recipes.

Connected For Life

Geraldine was working in the payroll department at Chrysler when she met Richard, who was working as an auditor while between semesters at Wayne State University…

Cooking With Smoke

Whether you’re grilling on coals, gas or smoking in a smoker, summertime is your time to shine as a grillmaster.

Savings Hacks

Tips and tricks from a banker (and a spender).

From Vine to Wine

Youngblood Vineyard is making wine from grapes growing on their fifth-generation Ray Township farm.

Relationships – Random Acts of Kindness

Pay it forward. We’ve all heard these trending terms, and neuroscience has confirmed we do often feel happier when we perform acts of kindness.

Starting with the Basics

In the years that I have worked in banking, not much has changed statistically when it comes to financial literacy.

Working Together in Business

When a couple decides to pursue a business venture together, their shared passion, common interests and goals, and commitment to each other can be a wonderful asset.

Color & Whimsey

Beautiful backyards don’t just appear without hard work, planning and some thought to details.

Gather in The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home. It’s the place where families gather to eat, entertain and just hang out together.

Choosing Your Lender

You wouldn’t rush picking out your dream home, so don’t rush when it comes to a lender.

It's All in The Family

To trace Zuccaro Banquets & Catering’s heritage, you need to go back a few generations.

Improving Your Quality of Life

When it comes to shaping up we don’t only mean exercise and diet; we mean head to toe revamping bringing back balance and satisfaction.

An Old School Banking Tool That Can Be Useful Today

The benefits of safe deposit boxes in the age of digital banking.

Watch the Birdie

We associate the arrival of spring with the return of birds and we know when they start migrating south that our warmer days are behind us. Yet several special birds choose to spend winter in Macomb County…

Shaping Roseville Students Since 1967

She never intended to become a fashionista but that is what Jinny (Virginia) Curatolo has been known as over the years.

The Fashionista

She never intended to become a fashionista but that is what Jinny (Virginia) Curatolo has been known as over the years.

So You Think You are Ready to Retire?

A reality check before you take that next step.

Relationships—School Transitions

Inevitably, summer vacation comes to an end and a new school year begins.

Alex J. Groesbeck

Alex J. Groesbeck epitomized “Home Grown in Macomb.”

Film Fuels Photographer’s Passion

A decision by an Army infantry sergeant in Panama in the mid-1950s changed draftee Robert Stewart’s life in an unexpected way.

Relationships—Children First

When parents divorce, their child custody plans are supposed to place the “best interests of the child” first…

Lace Up For Fun

Joining a walking group is a win-win for everyone.

Trip Down Memory Lane

A Passport program was created to inspire and encourage people to visit historical places throughout the county.

Here a Chick, There a Chick, Everywhere a Chick, Chick

Families have gotten so much more than just eggs out of raising these feathered friends at their home.

Women Breathe Life Into Mount Clemens

A solid group of women entrepreneurs has maintained stability and success in downtown Mount Clemens.

It's A 200 Year Celebration

2018 marks 200 years for Macomb County.

Baby Makes Three

Becoming a new parent is an event often filled with anticipation and excitement.

Fashion—Making Sure You Look Your Best Is Jason Barbaro’s Mission

A place close by where we can go when we need to amp up our elegance.

An Apple A Day

Incorporating apples into your diet can have great effect on brain health, weight loss, cancer prevention, heart health, and much more.

A Real Life Doll

A local model graces the cover of three American Girl books just released.

The Able Chef

Some people, when life hands them lemons, they make lemonade. Others take the same lemons and create a scrumptious lemon merengue pie. That’s the case with Chuck Sansone.

Inspiring Fashionistas

Encouraging girls with a passion for fashion

Selfridge Celebrates 100 Years

On July 1, 2017, Selfridge will mark 100 years since the first soldier

Do-It-Yourself Herb Garden

Step-by-step instructions for starting an herb garden.

Creating Backyard Spaces

Maybe it’s time to look out your back door and visualize your potential backyard retreat?

Relationships—Children and Divorce

Divorce is a painful loss for everyone. Children often feel hurt and helpless when their parents divorce…

Relationships—Oldest, Youngest or Middle

Exploring the effect of birth order is challenging in many different ways.

All Aboard

Working on the railroad has never been this much fun.

MotorCity Malt House Brings Local Flavor to Michigan Breweries

In business, it’s knowing and seeing a need, and then providing a solution that proves success.

The City of Richmond

Time to Give Away Macomb’s Secret

Keep Smiling

It’s never too early to establish a good oral health routine for your child.

Festa Buon Appetito Returns to Vince & Joe’s

Save the date – Sunday, July 10 – for the Vince & Joe’s Gourmet Market third annual Festa Buon Appetito 2016 at its Shelby location.

The Perfect Picnic

Chef Pete Loren from Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace shares his ideas and recipes  for the perfect summer picnic.

La Cucina del Vino

If you love wine and enjoy trying new dishes visit La Cucina del Vino soon and tell them Macomb Now sent you!

One-in-a-Million Triplets Celebrate Turning 1

Casual fashion needs to be easy and simple for a house full of young boys.

Relationships: Empty Nest

The term Empty Nest is often used to describe the transition period in a family’s life cycle when the children have grown up and left home to begin their own adult lives.

Michigan Institute of Urology

Dr. Robert Di Loreto, colleagues and staff provide lifelong urology care.

Reality Hockey Moms

We don’t need a Reality TV Show on Hockey Moms here in Macomb County. Or do we?

Homemade Pasta

Pasta is made the old-fashioned way at Andiamo.


Golf: A Lifetime Game with Lifetime Benefits

Check out any golf course and you’re likely to find players in their teens and players well into their 70s and 80s – sometimes playing together.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is defined as how attractive your home appears when viewed from the street.

Pairing Wine with Food

Thankfully, there are plenty of options for becoming more familiar with wine and how to pair it with food.

Friendships are a Choice

Friends offer a unique relationship opportunity, as they are formed with individuals with whom we choose to engage.

Yesterday's Party Inspires Fashions

Back on December 21, 1969, Mrs. Eleanor Ford threw a grand house party, a holiday reception honoring her granddaughters…

Celebrating 10 Years

Ten years ago, Peter Lucido, realized that Macomb County wasn’t getting its share of respect from Oakland and Wayne Counties.

Soiree Time

Snowy, cold winter evenings are the best time for an elegant dinner party – a soiree.

Anglers on Ice

On a cold winter day, ice shanties dot the horizon on Lake St. Clair.

Aging in Place

The term aging in place is used to describe a person living in their residence for as long as they are able.

Joining the Club? – Advice for the Sandwich Generation

Those who are in this “sandwich” generation are facing the tough task of assisting their parents and their children with their financial needs.

Pillowcases for Smiles

One day, 11 years ago, a woman was watching the Martha Stewart Show in her Macomb Township home…

Uncovering Your Past

It seems it’s only natural to wonder where we come from, who our ancestors were, what drove them to overcome hurdles and even track down physical traits that run through our families.

Friendship is Priceless

Friendships provide a support network for us throughout our life.

Protecting Your Foot & Ankle

Regardless of activity, the continual use of your foot and ankles leaves them prone to injury and pain.

A Place For Sharing

Sometimes hobbies turn into businesses.

Sprucing Up Your Yard

Imagine sitting around a roaring fire in a firepit on a beautiful brick patio, cooking outside in a wood-burning oven or grilling on a natural wood barbecue.

Calling All Pizza and Pasta Lovers

The LaFata family has always been Macomb’s experts in custom cabinetry, but 14 months ago, they saw that a restaurant they cared about was going out of business.

Shores Students in the Kitchen

The Culinary Foods program at South Lake is the only one in St. Clair Shores and supports all three school districts.

Go Ahead & Jump

The music starts, it’s that song JUMP we all recognize, fitting the performance perfectly.

A Second Home

Children thrive at the Stanley Ian Babinski Boys & Girls Club.

Poured With Sophistication

Back when cars were long, hairdos were art and suits were everyday attire, cocktails were king. And we can thank Prohibition for that.

Seeking Romance Online

Few would argue that online dating has fundamentally altered the dating process.

Golden Deliciousness

Honey. Thick and rich, it’s nature’s sweetener.

No Clowning Around for this Champion

The mother of local celebrity Rosco the Clown shares her commitment and her attachment to the community where she has raised her family.

Sterling Heights: A Historic Past and a Bright Future

The area was first incorporated as Jefferson Township in 1835. Three years later, the name was changed to Sterling Township.

Clinton Township Celebrates 200 Years

The history of Clinton Township began with the arrival of the Moravian missionaries who originated from what is now Saxony, Germany.

200 Miles For 200 Years

Coming up with a way for Macomb County to pay tribute to its last 200 years

Celebrating Historical Churches

In the Christian Bible, the apostle Paul states clearly that the “church” is the people…

Letting Go

Letting go can be hard. Letting go of “stuff ” can be particularly difficult for many.

Small-Town Feel in Mid-Size City

The new shops in the Utica Junction are part of a revitalization of the area as a hub for small businesses and specialty shopping.

Savoring Sweets

Try these wintertime dessert recipes from local chefs

Remembering Our County's Namesake General

The history of Alexander Macomb

Volunteering His Time

Two days a week he loads his custom-made Irish harp into a wheelchair and sets up in various medical units and waiting rooms throughout the hospital.

Relationships—The Value of Agreeing to Disagree

Conflict is an inevitable part of relationships, particularly in emotionally close ones.

Look Who's Cooking

Local firemen favorite recipes

Celebrating the Grandmother of Herbs

Just a short drive from the hustle and bustle of city life, the Lavender Festival is the perfect mid-summer getaway.

The Benefits of Vacationing as a Couple

A vacation, whether short or long, offers the opportunity to decrease stress and rejuvenate.

Centennial Celebration for Our Hometown Bank

First State Bank is a bank with deep roots in our community and one that is committed to ensuring Macomb County thrives.

Cooking with Herbs & Cathy Lentine

Cooking celebrity Cathy Lentine shows us how to awaken our taste buds by incorporating fresh herbs into our dishes.

The Road Less Traveled

Has Made a Difference for Macomb Community College President

25 Things You May Not Know About Macomb County

Macomb Now Magazine is celebrating with this 25th Silver Edition.

Shirts For Success

Think positive. Stay inspired. That’s the message local entrepreneur Chris Reynolds hopes to spread with his clothing line.

Relationships–Pet Love

Exploring the benefits of unconditional love from a pet.

A Passion For Horses

A Lifetime’s Passion

Juniors Jibbing the Sails

North Star Junior Sailing teaches water safety and life skills.


By focusing on your behaviors, thoughts and actions you too  can become resilient and better able to face adversity.

Nautical Living

Waterside homes deliver vacation-style living in Macomb County.

Top Chefs

These high school seniors will be making a difference in our future.

Macomb's Standout Grads

These high school seniors will be making a difference in our future.


Parenting Your Adult Child

Stars Dance

Watch the stars of Macomb County dance for a good cause.

Small Surgical Cuts Bigger Rooms Needed

The expansion of surgical rooms will provide top health care at Henry Ford Macomb Hospital.

Health Care in Macomb County

Quality services and growing opportunities in health care employment are abound.

The Man Behind The Restaurants

Summer is a great time to dive in on swimming for fun, fitness and life.

Going to Cyber School

A unique schooling option is putting a virtual school in Clinton Township on parents’ radar throughout the state.


Healthy Relationships

Barbara Rossmann Follows Her Dream

Henry Ford Macomb hospital’s president/CEO enjoys helping others.

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