Summer Mornings

Open those eyes, stretch your body, it’s time to get your day going.

By Tracey Moro/Photography by Robert Stark, Jeanie Soulliere, & Kelly Hughes

For those of us who tend to be sleepers, waking up early is not our cup of tea. But getting your day going early can make your mornings last and that is what long summer days are all about. We searched Macomb County and found many Macombers are getting their days started early. See what some early risers are doing and maybe you will be inspired to set that alarm clock a little earlier?


With 32 miles of coastline, watching the twilight turn into full-blown morning sun is breathtaking on our Lake St. Clair. Photographers tend to enjoy taking shots of places with more than just the water and sun.

“When going out for sunrise pics, I want to see some bold colors. I also like some clouds as well. They help with nature’s painting. I love when the birds and other animals ‘photobomb’ my pics,” said Robert Stark, our cover photographer and long-time St. Clair Shores resident who claims many marinas have great access points to the lake with fabulous views for sunrises.

“My mornings start pretty early. In the middle of summer, it can be as early as 5 a.m. What I enjoy as much as the sun breaking the horizon is what is called the blue hour. That is the transition period between darkness and daylight. The deep colors can be spectacular during this time,” said Stark. Like many, he finds spending solitude with his camera in the calm of the early morning sunrise to be a much-needed escape from the world. “This time by the water shooting pics is like a gift to me. The energy from the sky and the wildlife such as the gulls, ducks and geese as they are screeching and carrying on makes my day. Too many people, as I once was, are guilty of not slowing down enough to take in the beauty that surrounds us.”

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