Studio Communications is a Mac based company set up with the top-of-the-line equipment, software and resources to handle the toughest marketing project.

We can handle small projects one at a time or continual management of your creative needs. Whatever kind of message you need to send – we can help you figure out how, when, where and what.

From graphic design needs for the ad in the local newspaper to your business cards and your annual report or custom publication, we can design and create it to effectively send the message you want.

We also can write and edit content for every type of document you need. From letters to brochures, to blogs, to websites, to articles, to social media posts, to entire magazines, we can come up with the wording that will not only be compelling, but informative, educational and effective for your needs.

If your marketing needs involve a special event we can help there too. From brainstorming the idea to effectively handling the entire event start to finish we can do it all. Our team has handled events for 100 to 250,000, from classic car cruises, car shows, running races, and corporate anniversaries, to large gala fund raisers. We come up with the concept, create the promotional material, contact the media, manage participation, volunteers, entertainment and the entire event.

Call us today to discuss your specific needs.